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Good news: Congratulations to Dalian musk medical equipment Technology Co., Ltd. on successfully applying for the white list of the Ministry of Commerce
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Health reminder about the scientific wearing of masks by the public
In addition to the high incidence of respiratory tract infectious diseases in autumn and winter, in order to further prevent and defuse the risk of spreading the epidemic, we hereby notify the following matters related to scientific wearing of masks: 1. Must wear disposable medical masks or medical surgical masks 1. Drivers and passengers of public transportation such as buses, taxis, coaches, trains, etc. 2. All persons in public places such as shopping malls, supermarkets, exhibition halls, museums, gymnasiums, theaters, conference venues, workshops, network stations, van elevators, etc., where people are likely to gather. 3. All persons in outdoor places such as parks and squares that cannot maintain a social safety distance of more than 1 meter. 4. Service staff in shops, restaurants, canteens, hotels, all kinds of "small doors", corporate front desks and other places. 5. Hospital attending, visiting or accompanying persons. 6. Outsiders and service providers in nursing homes, welfare homes, prisons and mental health institutions. 7. Home isolation personnel. 2. Wear a medical surgical mask or a protective mask with no exhalation valve that meets the level of KN95/N95 and above 1. Confirmed cases, suspected cases and asymptomatic infections of new coronary pneumonia, close contacts of new coronary pneumonia, and people entering the country (from the beginning of entry to the end of isolation). 2. People with symptoms such as fever and cough. 3. Staff at entry and exit ports. 4. General outpatient, emergency, ward and other medical personnel. 5. Drivers, service personnel, cleaning personnel, and security personnel who provide services for quarantined personnel, designated quarantine hotel service personnel, cleaning personnel, and security personnel. 3. Matters needing attention when using masks Do a good job of hand hygiene, avoid touching the inside and outside of the mask with your hands; cover your mouth and nose, and adjust the nose clip to fit your face.
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What kind of masks should be used by different groups of "5 categories" to fight the virus? Let the family know
Everyone knows that masks are in short supply. There are many types of masks. Different groups of people should choose different types of masks so that they can resist the virus. Hurry up and tell your family members. Let's take a look! 1. High-risk exposed groups This group of people refers to all the working medical staff in the ICU in the ward where the patients infected with the new type of reloading virus are admitted, as well as the nurses in the designated fever clinics of the epidemic, and the doctors who consult the confirmed cases, etc., all of which belong to High-risk groups, they need to choose to wear medical protective masks, it is best to wear goggles, etc., to do a foolproof protection work. 2. People with higher risk exposure Such groups include medical staff working in the emergency department, public health physicians conducting investigations of close contacts, and biological sample testing personnel related to the epidemic. These people need to wear protective masks above N95/KN95. 3. People with medium risk exposure This group of people includes workers in crowded places, workers in places like airports, train stations, supermarkets, restaurants and other places, as well as medical staff in general outpatient clinics, and people who have been isolated at home and have had contact with patients. The risk of personnel is also relatively large, and they need to wear medical surgical masks. 4. People with lower risk exposure This group of people includes people who go in and out of supermarkets and shopping malls, as well as work indoors. Medical outpatient clinics are other outpatient clinics except fever clinics, as well as children hosted in centralized places, etc. This kind of people should wear disposable medical Masks are more recommended. 5. Low-risk exposed population This group of people refers to people who are active at home, outdoor activities, and well-ventilated workers. The probability of infection is relatively small. Non-medical masks can be used. However, if someone around you has cough symptoms, don't take it lightly. The choice of masks and their wearing must be correct, so that they can better resist the virus. In addition, it is very important to maintain an optimistic attitude. Don't panic every day, trust everyone!
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Do you buy a medical mask as qualified? Watch the experts teach you small ways to identify
Want to know if the medical mask I bought is qualified? At home can use a simple method to make a preliminary judgment! On October 19, the Food and Drug Administration of the Autonomous Region launched the 2020 National Medical Device Safety Science Popularization Publicity Week activity in Guangxi to popularize the relevant knowledge of medical devices for the public.
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